Data engine with offline and realtime
React/React Native/Mongo/NodeJS integration


  • Offline storages for web and mobile
  • CRDT JSON type with operations for objects, arrays, strings, numbers and booleans
  • Merging of complex data structures, like array of arrays of objects
  • Collaborative text editing
  • Data sync between devices
  • Realtime


  • Online and offline Mongo queris with subscriptions
  • GraphQL with subscriptions and offline (POC)

React and React Native

  • HOC wrapper for React components
  • Server rendering (POC, limited support)
  • IndexedDB storage for React apps
  • Sqlite storage for React Native apps


  • Isomorphic getter-setter event-emitter
  • Single source of truth
  • Same api for local and remote data
  • Modular structure

Access Control

  • Server-side hooks for access control and validation
  • Field-based fine-grained access control with projections


  • Scales horizontally with Redis pub/sub
  • Mongo storage
  • Rethinkdb storage (POC)
Alpha version software