Is it ready for production?

I would say that it's still in alpha, because of breaking api changes and minor bugs.

What are the nearest plans?

Plugin rich-text data types, improvement of GraphQL support and using Amelisa in production.

Who is behind Amelisa?

Me and right now we are making one project using Amelisa in company where I work.

How did you come up with the idea?

Have been using DerbyJS for some years, which is based on ShareJS (Operational Transformation) and has a great Model api (Racer). Also recently made acquaintance with CRDT-based SwarmJS. The idea was to combine Racer api with paths, db queries, etc and CRDT offline capabilities.

Why NodeJS?

Because significant amount of code is isomorphic (shared between client and server). Also use case where a lot of web-socket connections are exchanging tiny operations is good fit for NodeJS.

Why React?

It's popular, and easy to integrate. React fits well, because it's just like a missing part (View).

Why Mongo queries?

Because they are expressive and structural.

Is it possible to integrate it with another framework (Ember, Angular, etc)?

Yes, there is POC for Ember.

Is it possible to integrate it with another database (RethinkDB, Postgres, etc)?

Yes. But to execute queries offline something like Mingo is needed. There is RethinkDB with Mongo queries POC implementation.

What is the best way to follow the news?

Follow the Twitter